About Poetic Creations and Marlene Rose

I used to call myself a “paper and pencil poet,” as I propped myself up in bed and watched the words appear on the page.

I started writing poetry when I was very young and have continued to use poetry to express my thoughts about events happening in my life. As a teacher, I often used the writing and analysis of poetry to help my students creatively express their feelings. 

Through the years, friends and family have asked me to create poems for them for a variety of occasions. I have always loved writing poetry and now I have created a way to share my love of poetry with you. 

Writing A Personalized Poem With Marlene

My process works as follows; I will take your thoughts and insights about a person or a couple and create a personalized poem all about them. I ask you to fill out a questionnaire which gives me the information I need to understand what you want to say. After I receive your questionnaire, we will talk on the phone and discuss details about the person/couple so that I fully get a solid and accurate background for the personalized poem. I ask for about two weeks from the time of our conversation to complete the personalized poem. I will work with you until you are satisfied and the personalized poem reflects what you want to express. 

The person or couple who receive this thoughtful and personalized gift will cherish it for years to come and appreciate that you took the time to acknowledge them in such a special way. Take a look at my testimonials page to see how happy existing clients have been. Contact me to begin your personalized poem project.